Snapped – Part 2

Sissy was sitting watching her sister sleep with the help of the pain medication the doctor prescribed.

Not only had she lost her baby, but the soft tissue and nerves were also badly damaged, around her neck not to mention the bruising that was visible.

Sissy looked up when the detective walked into the room. She asked him to step outside the room because her sister was still sleeping.

Det. Rhodes looked over at Sharon with sadness, he has seen too many people go through this abuse and not report it and had a feeling this was going to be yet another case, but he was going to do all he could to get this young woman to press charges against her boyfriend or husband.

“I’m sorry to bother you, I just needed to check to see if she was awake and could tell me what happened and who did this to her, Det. Rhodes said.

“It was probably her no good boyfriend Ivan Harris, she called me and said he hit her and left the house then she must have passed out from the pain, I called 911 and went to her house as soon as possible.  When I got there the ambulance was just pulling up also, I have a key and let them in and followed the blood on the rug…she got teary-eyed remember the scene.. and found her in the bedroom on the floor naked.” Sissy was crying now.

Det. Rhodes, felt her pain and pulled her into his arms and just held her, he faced the same type of pain years ago when his sister was killed by her abusive husband.  He had to get his self together and act more professional.  When Sissy got herself together, she thanked him and moved away from him, she felt he was sincere in his comfort but wanted him to do his job and get Ivan.

“Look Detective I know it’s my word against his once he finally shows up.  But until my sister wakes up what can I do to keep him away from her.  They aren’t married and I’m her only family and I don’t want him here at the hospital.” She asked calmer than she felt.

“Leave word with the charge nurse and at the nursing station that she isn’t to have any visitors except you and the police.” He offered.

After Sissy finished talking with the Detective and getting his information she gently touched her sister’s face.  She watched as a tear fell on her cheek and wished that she could have been there to help her sister.

She knew that this relationship had stressed her sister to the point she was ready to leave Ivan. They never kept secrets from each other until he came into her life.  Sharon almost pushed her away and she knew Ivan was behind that.  He never wanted her to do the things she used to do, the last time they hung out, she kept watching her phone, she also had a small bruised she tried to hide. Sissy told her she didn’t understand how she could allow a man to do that to her.  That argument caused them to not talk for a month.  Sissy just couldn’t understand what was keeping her sister with that abuser.

Sissy didn’t notice that Sharon had opened her eyes and was watching the emotions and the tears on her face.  She tried to speak but her throat hurt so much, her words came out as a whisper.

“I know you wondering why I stay with him, at first I just wanted someone to love me as much as I loved them, and he did at some point but things changed when he started popping pills and the drinking got worst” she whispered.  I lost my baby, didn’t I?” she whispered.

“Yes you did, you had some kind of trauma to your abdomen, and you also have bruising and internal damage to your throat” Sissy answered sadly.

Sissy held Sharon hand as both sisters cried.

Det. Rhodes was standing in the doorway watching the scene unfolding before him.


Author: fromthemindofmissy

I have many stories in my head, I love to write and hope to one day publish a book, but in the mean time I will just write as much of it down as possible :)

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